Table of Contents:

  1. About
  2. Colophon
  3. Privacy
  4. Analytics
  5. Can You Buy This Domain?
  6. About Me and Contact
  7. Contribution and Support
  8. Some Promises
  9. Delete your Data


Just a place to quickly write something down in a browser. Hit Cmd/Ctrl+S to download your note as a markdown file.


This small app was initially made in an afternoon by me written in plain HTML and JavaScript using CodeMirror bundled with parcel and is hosted on Analytics are provided by plausible.


This app uses localStorage to preserve your text, so it's still here when you close your browser or refresh the tab. Nothing you type will be sent elsewhere. Ever. Your browser, your data.

This also means that your data is lost, if you delete your localStorage. And won't be able to access your notes from another device or browser.


The site uses for analytics. Plausible is a lightweight and open-source website analytics tool. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. Made and hosted in the EU. I use it to know whether this things is used actively, so I can make rational and responsible decisions in case I want to introduce new features.

Can you buy this domain?

Short Answer: No.

Long answer: I want this to become a free and valuable tool for the web. I have plans and I don't intend to change them. Read more here. So no.

About me and contact

I'm a freelance web developer with focus on building apps and interfaces with JavaScripts with more than 16 years of experiences. If you have any questions or need freelance support for your project, the best way to reach out to me is via email.

Some promises

I promise that...

Delete your Data

Deleting means that your localStorage for this site and this site only is cleared. No data is stored elsewhere.

Want to clear your localStorage and delete your notes?