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  1. 2021-04-26: Hello

    .new domains are a fairly new thing, but I use them a lot in my daily work as javascript developer. Mostly those provided by codesandbox, like or but there a are plenty of others, and one sunday I brainfarted and typed into the browser, because I wanted to write something down using markdown.

    I was genuinely suprised that it didn't exist.
    And I thought it should.

    So I very quickly build a barebone app that has the basic functionality to meet the requirements in an afternoon, so that I was eligable to buy the domain. See, .new domains have special requirements:

    All .NEW domain names must be used for action generation or online content creation where the user should be able to “create” something without any further navigation. Examples from Google include and, which resolve to a new document creation page. Any .NEW domain name need to be live within 100 days of registration. Domain names that do not comply with these requirements may be suspended or deleted for non-compliance. .NEW is a security-focused space, meaning that HTTPS is required for all websites. The entire .NEW namespace has been added to the HSTS Preload list. To work properly in browsers, you will need to obtain a SSL certificate and configure the HTTPS serving.

    And now it exists.